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23 janvier 2017

Joseph and Helen ...

If you have nothing nice to say ...then say nothing at all."

Joseph Black Sanders

(My dear friend Montine asked me to create a piece using this sentence

frequently used by her dear father ... so true !!! 


Pattern available HERE


This pillow is dedicated to Montine's mother ... Helen  


Pattern available HERE


Here is another pillow dedicated to both Helen and Joseph


and a pouch to celebrate their wedding anniversary


Thanks for visiting !!!! Have a great day !!! 

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01 février 2016

Love is in the air ...

Here is a simple and fast to stitch pattern 

I called it "Pa and Ma".

Laura called her parents "Pa and Ma" because at that time

children did not call their parents "Dad and Mom".

I imagined this pattern to celebrate Caroline and Charles Ingalls's love ...

and also to celebrate Valentine's day !


E-Pattern available



Thanks for visiting !!!

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08 avril 2015

From Me To You

Last WE, I decided to stitch this pattern I designed 3 years ago

but decided to modify my palette

since I do not stitch on raw linen any more ...

This is the result ... mue colors for a very prim style

What do YOU think ?




The "blue" version


The "grège" version


Have fun stitching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Nat


03 juillet 2013

When two fond hearts as one unite ...

the yoke is easy and the burden light


This pattern is dedicated to my dear hubby ...

On July 4th, we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary 

Love is in the air ! 


This pattern is available HERE

The complete pocket roll is SOLD, thanks !



   P1060341   P1060331   P1060322

Thanks for visiting !

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07 janvier 2013

Swans in Love ...

 When I started charting this new pattern,

I was working on the theme of LOVE so,

since swans are a symbol of love, I imagined this sweet little pinkeep

with a tiny heart on its cover ... but ...

while stitching I realized that this "pinkeep"

could be perfect as a ring bearer pillow ... 


This E-pattern is available

HERE in my ETSY Shop


The cover  with its plump tiny heart

and the covered buttons + twine 

Sorry, I am SOLD


The inside



If you are interested in this pattern or

any of my previous patterns / pillows,

feel free to contact me HERE

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25 août 2012

And they lived happily ever after

127 years ago, Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder got married


This e-pattern is offered as a BONUS with my Laura Ingalls Sewing Pouch Pattern.

If you are interested ONLY in this little e-pattern 

you can find it HERE

Completed pillow: sold


Have a great WE ! Thanks for stopping by

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13 août 2012

Laura and Almanzo's wedding anniversary

WILDER-INGALLS. - At the residence of the officiating clergyman, Rev. E. Brown,

August 25, 1885. Mr. Almanzo J. Wilder and Miss Laura Ingalls, both of De Smet. 

Thus two more of our respected young people have united in the journey of life.

May their voyage be pleasant, their joys be many and their sorrows few.

[De Smet News]


Once again, I have been inspired by Laura's life and

to celebrate Laura and Almanzo's wedding anniversary, I imagined this pattern.


This E-pattern is available

HERE in my ETSY Shop

(the completed pouch is sold, thanks)


Thanks for stopping by !

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