06 mars 2014

The blue Attic is ...

...  2 years old !!! 



In March 2012, I started creating cross stitch patterns.

This one is special because it was the very first one I designed.

 At that time, I thought that there will probably

be a series on this theme (Little House On The Prairie)

and ...

oh my !!! I did not imagine that this theme would become so important ...


Sampler "I did my best"


 The name "THE BLUE ATTIC" is a reference both to

my passion for early blues fabrics 

and  to my grandparents'attic

which was  Aladdin's cave for the little girl I was.


THANKS to all the kind ladies I have met

since this great adventure started !!!

With Love , Nat


Have a great WEEK! Thanks for stopping by

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