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19 décembre 2016

Little girls always hang up their stockings on Christmas Eve

Inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder ***************************** Available in the album "CHRISTMAS"(Laura Ingalls) Mail me if you are interested For more details to order  please, CLICK HERE Happy Stitching my friends !!!!!!!!!

01 décembre 2015

"Lavish strings of white popcorn

were looped all over the tree" Laura Ingalls Wilder  On the Banks of Plum Creek ***** A New Pattern available You will have the possibility to sew a pillow or a pouch ! Enjoy !!! HERE I also stitched a pouch version ... I love pouches so much !   Happy Stitching my friends !!!
05 décembre 2014

"Laura had never seen ...

such a tree." On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls I really enjoyed this chapter in the book. Three Christmases are described and this is the second one.  This Christmas is delightfully portrayed. Laura gets the most beautiful gifts she has ever received (a fur cape !) Everybody is happy ...  ***** My NEW pattern is available HERE Click to enlarge the pics       Have fun stitching my dear friends !!!
02 décembre 2013

A reindeer and three Ohio stars ...

Christmas is approaching ... in less than a month ... I love so much stitching for Christmas ... and you ??? Do you enjoy Christmastime ??? ****** This pattern is available in my Etsy Shop HERE  (The completed pillow is sold, thanks)  ***** ****** Thanks for visiting !!! Have fun stitching and  do not hesitate to ask me HERE if you have seen a pattern that is not on my ETSY SHOP I WILL PREPARE A CUSTOM LISTING WITH PLEASURE !!!
09 juillet 2013

Christmas in July !

"And in the very toe of each stocking ... was a shining bright penny." Laura Ingalls ****** Many of you have appreciated my first Christmas pouch ... HERE and since then,I have kindly been asked to create an other X-mas pouch pattern ... Your dream has come true my dear stitching friends and today, I am happy to present this lovely pouch ... inspired by a little pioneer girl called Laura Ingalls ****** This pattern is available in my Etsy Shop HERE Happy stitching my dearest friends !!! Thanks for visiting ...
05 décembre 2012

Naughty or Nice

This is my latest E-pattern it is available in my Etsy Shop as well as some of my completed pillows ****** Sorry, I am sold. Thanks   ******   Thank you for visiting and come back often!!      Smiles HAVE FUN STITCHING !!!
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24 novembre 2012

My Merry Christmas Pouch ...

I have always loved those American pouches so I decided it was time for me to create one of my own ... E-Pattern: "Merry Christmas Pouch" available HERE  See all my E-patterns HERE ***** The completed pouch is sold, thanks. If you are interested in this pillow or in any of my previous pillows,    feel free to contact me HERE   Thank you for visiting and come back often!!      Smiles HAVE FUN STITCHING !!!
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