11 août 2015

A rag doll named Nettie ...

 Mary was bigger than Laura, and she had a rag doll named Nettie.

Laura had only a corncob wrapped in a handkerchief,

but it was a good doll.

It was named Susan. It wasn't Susan’s fault that she was only a corncob.

Sometimes Mary let Laura hold Nettie, but she did it only when Susan couldn't see."

 –Little House in the Big Woods 

Laura Ingalls Wilder


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Mini ABC doll alphabet


  Happy Stitching my friends !!! 

18 septembre 2014

Charlotte the rag doll ...

In her book, "Little House in the Big Woods",

Laura tells her readers about a special Christmas ...

the one when she was given a rag doll ... and she named her Charlotte !


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Have a great day my friends !!!

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15 juillet 2013

PriM Dolls Pillows ...

As you know, I have developped a Laura Ingalls theme

and I love imagining stories ...

so today, I offer you a set of 2 new patterns


Sold,thank you !

 E Patterns- PRIM DOLLS- Cross Stitch Patterns For 2 Pillows - The Blue Attic

Happy Stitching my dear friends !!!

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