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16 janvier 2017

"With my needle,

I sew our names to give my mother her honor due". I created this pattern for an adorable customer (Montine) who wanted to pay tribute to her dear Mom. ******* Pattern available (I will personalize the names ONLY, thanks) HERE ******* SOLD, thank you  The inside of the "big"pouch / sewing book A small project with Montine's favorite motif ... a rabbit !!! and initials ...  The inside of the small pouch / sewing book as well as the tiny pillow with a sweet flower I enjoyed a lot creating this set for... [Lire la suite]

05 juillet 2015

A new addiction!!

EDIT July 6th : SOLD, thank you I've sewn this COLONIAL POCKET  from a wonderful reproduction calico fabric.Ladies would have worn this under their skirt to carry sewing and other personals... Happy Sunday my friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Nat  
23 avril 2015

A token of FrienShip for your birthday

This is a new version of one of my oldest pattern ... I got inspiration from Laura Ingalls whose best friend was Ida Belle Wright. I imagine this pouch ... that can be filled with sewing notions,  vintage buttons, trim or lace etc .... ***** PATTERN available HERE I also did this little pillow ... as a sweet treat !!! Have fun stitching sweet friends !!!
05 juin 2014

The true way to live ...

is to enjoy every moment as it passes Laura INGALLS ****** This is my latest pattern ...and it is available HERE Thanks for visiting !!!
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02 mars 2014

"Tiny birds were swinging and ...

singing in tiny voices. Pa said they were dick-cissels." Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House on the Prairie ***** A new  E-PATTERN by THE BLUE ATTIC HERE ****** Completed Pouch SOLD, THANKS Click to enlarge the pics     Happy Stitching my dear friends !!!
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22 novembre 2013

Christmas ornaments pouch

It has been a long time since I have been thinking of a little pouch to store some of my tiny Christmas ornies ! Well ! Just done !!! I love it ... it is both nice and practical !!! ***** This pattern is available in my Etsy Shop HERE  Click to enlarge      Happy stitching my dear friends !
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06 novembre 2013

“Every Christmas is better than the Christmas before ..."

As Laura matures, she concludes in On the Shores of Silver Lake that  “Every Christmas is better than the Christmas before… I guess it must be because I am growing up.”  When Carrie asks her in These Happy Golden Years  “Oh Laura!…Isn’t this the nicest Christmas! Do Christmases get better all the time?” Laura answers confidently “Yes, …They do.” ***** This is my latest e-pattern ! Come and Visit my ETSY SHOP  Click HERE ***** This E-Pattern is... [Lire la suite]
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02 mai 2013

1871 MCD Pocket Roll

I am happy to show you my latest pattern. It is a pocket roll in which you can store threads, scissors and all your sewing supplies. The pattern is available HERE Thanks for visiting !
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