01 décembre 2016

“Aunt Eliza had brought Ma a large red apple stuck full of cloves.

How good it smelled! And it would not spoil,

for so many cloves would keep it sound and sweet.”

Little House in the Big Woods

by Laura Ingalls Wilder

(Completed cross stitched roll sold, thanks)

Pocket closed


Pocket open 


To make your own pomander,

you’ll need about an ounce of cloves

to cover a medium sized apple.

Push the cloves into the apple.

Laura did not describe any decorations

on her mother’s pomander,

but as for me I decided to add a ribbon to hang

it on a doorknob or a cupboard


Enjoy stitching my dear friends !!!


28 juillet 2015

Civil War Hussif Needle Case ...

Definition of a hussif:

 It is  a case containing thread, needles, and other articles for sewing.

They were carried by soldiers in their haversacks during the Civil War,

the housewife or huswife kit was used to store sewing supplies.

These needle cases were made by family members

and given to the men before they went off to war.


I decided to sew one of my own and a few days ago,

I did a few prototypes of various sizes.

All sizes are nice depending on what you want to store in it !!!


The complete Needle Case is sold, thanks.


    Thanks for stopping by !!!

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23 avril 2015

A token of FrienShip for your birthday

This is a new version of one of my oldest pattern ...

I got inspiration from Laura Ingalls whose best friend was Ida Belle Wright.

I imagine this pouch ... that can be filled with sewing notions, 

vintage buttons, trim or lace etc ....


PATTERN available



I also did this little pillow ... as a sweet treat !!!


Have fun stitching sweet friends !!!

05 juin 2014

The true way to live ...

is to enjoy every moment as it passes



This is my latest pattern ...and

it is available



Thanks for visiting !!!

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03 juillet 2013

When two fond hearts as one unite ...

the yoke is easy and the burden light


This pattern is dedicated to my dear hubby ...

On July 4th, we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary 

Love is in the air ! 


This pattern is available HERE

The complete pocket roll is SOLD, thanks !



   P1060341   P1060331   P1060322

Thanks for visiting !

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For my old clothespins ...

I decided to create a large pouch in order to store them properly


Thanks for stopping by !!!

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02 mai 2013

1871 MCD Pocket Roll

I am happy to show you my latest pattern.

It is a pocket roll in which you can store threads, scissors

and all your sewing supplies.

The pattern is available HERE


Thanks for visiting !

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