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14 mars 2016

"They were beautiful horses ...

and Pa said that Laura and Mary could name them. Laura named one Pet and Mary named the other Patty." Laura Ingalls ****** Here are 2 NEW patterns available in the album "Laura Ingalls" HERE and HERE ******* "They were beautiful horses ..."  "Pet and Patty ..." Happy Stitching my friends !!!
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25 juin 2015

Do you like kaki ... prairie bonnets ???

 I think I'll never get enough of bonnets ... after blue bonnets ... I am experiencing kaki bonnets !!!lol ****** Available HERE I love my lil' broom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Have a nice day sweet friends ...  
24 mai 2015

Laura and Faithful Jack

Mary and Black Susan ***** Jack was Laura's first dog. Faithful Jack would follow along the many miles that the Ingalls family would travel. Jack was always there to protect Laura and her family.  ****** A new set of 2 e-patterns available  HERE Happy Stitching my friends !!!
07 mars 2015

"Ma sat on the rocking chair ...

sewing by the light of the lamp on the table." Laura Ingalls Wilder "Little House in the Big Woods" ******** My new pattern is available HERE Completed Pillow : Sold, thanks ! and a second pattern ... for Rabbits and Spring Lovers ... HERE      Happy stitching my dear friends !!!
30 novembre 2014

Mary and Laura stayed by the fire ...

sewing their nine-patch quilt blocks. ***** I imagined this pattern while reading this sentence in Laura's book Little House in the Big Woods Like Laura and her sisters, as soon as pioneer children could handle a needle, they were taught to make nine-patch quilt blocks from nine squares of fabric because they were simple to sew. A new pattern available HERE Completed pillow, SOLD, thank you ! ******   *****   Thank you for visiting and come back often!!      Smiles HAVE FUN STITCHING... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2014

"Mary and Laura picked flowers from the weeds

and took them to Ma." Laura Ingalls Wilder ****** While reading this sentence, I couldn't help thinking of me as a little girl, picking  flowers for my dear Mom ... Maybe you would love to stitch it to celebrate Mother's Day ******* My new pattern is available HERE ******* Completed Pillow: SOLD, thank you !!!  Happy Stitching !!!
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