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15 décembre 2015

Christmas in a log cabin

Very simple and prim pillows ...

I also sew 3 little ditty bags in order to use my scraps of fabrics ...


Sold, thank you !

P1150776 P1150778

P1150768  P1150782

Have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12 décembre 2014

A few finished goodies

are available on my Etsy Shop

You can see them all


A little treat will be added to every package 


Set of 2 prim stockings (SOlD, thanks)



Winter in the Big Woods with Laura Ingalls


Winter in the Big Woods


Enjoy stitching my dear friends ...

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20 novembre 2014

A log cabin in the Big Woods

Little House in the Big Woods is one of my favourite books in the whole series.

I love the fact that Laura describes the daily routine

and many things that were part

of her life as a pioneer girl.

I have learned a lot of things and

I have already read it at least four or five times.


(The completed pouch is sold, thanks)


(I have sewn a little pouch  but for those of you

who fear sewing, the size is perfect for a little pillow !)

Enjoy stitching !!!

15 octobre 2013

Laura and Mary played house with pumpkins

and everything was snug and cosy.

This sentence is an extract from the book "Little House in the Big Woods".

Laura tells her readers about the fact that

she enjoyed very much playing with her sister Mary in the attic of their log cabin ...

It reminded me of my grandparents'attic so I could not resist and created that sweet little pattern ...


(The completed pillow is sold, thanks)



Thanks for visiting !!!

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