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23 avril 2015

A token of FrienShip for your birthday

This is a new version of one of my oldest pattern ... I got inspiration from Laura Ingalls whose best friend was Ida Belle Wright. I imagine this pouch ... that can be filled with sewing notions,  vintage buttons, trim or lace etc .... ***** PATTERN available HERE I also did this little pillow ... as a sweet treat !!! Have fun stitching sweet friends !!!

08 avril 2015

From Me To You

Last WE, I decided to stitch this pattern I designed 3 years ago but decided to modify my palette since I do not stitch on raw linen any more ... This is the result ... mue colors for a very prim style What do YOU think ? ****** PATTERNS available HERE ****** The "blue" version The "grège" version Have fun stitching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Nat  
01 janvier 2015

Friends gather ... here

An other pattern dedicated to friendship ... Happy New Year to all my friends !!! ****** This pattern is available HERE MORE PICS ... CLICK CLICK      Thanks for visiting ...
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09 mars 2014

Friends have all things in common ...

the 2014 version E-Pattern available HERE (Completed Pillow sold, thanks) ***** Visit my friend ELENA HERE to see her 2012 version !!! It is just GORGEOUS !!! ****** Have a nice WE !!! Thanks for stopping by ...
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07 février 2014

A token of Friendship For Laura's Birthday ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAURA INGALLS born on 7th February 1867 ***** Once again, I got inspiration from Laura Ingalls: Ida Belle Wright was one of her best friend so I imagined that Ida did this sweet token of affection for her dearest friend ... ***** This E-Pattern is available   HERE Completed pouch is sold, thanks Click Click to enlarge the pics !       *****   Thank you for visiting and come back often!!      Smiles HAVE FUN STITCHING !!! 
24 juin 2013

Celebrating friendship ...

"Remember well and bear in mind,a constant friend is hard to find." Laura Ingalls ***** My pattern is available in my ETSY SHOP Completed Pillow SOLD, thanks Thanks for visiting !
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01 avril 2012

Friends have all things in common

When I read this wonderful quote from Plato I could not resist ! I had to create a chart to celebrate friendship. My sweetest Italian friend Elena offered me to stitch it !!! And this is HER WONDERFUL and GORGEOUS interpretation of my humble design !!! These are ELENA's pics so please, go and visit her !!!!  Her blog is worth visiting ... she is a VERY TALENTED girl !!!  Be kind enough to leave a friendly message HERE to my dearest friend !!! ***** ... [Lire la suite]
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