11 juillet 2015

Berries and Roses

for a new set including a colonial pouch and a little ditty bag ******** RESERVED, thank you I've sewn this pocket from  wonderful reproduction calico fabrics.Treenware & Berries By Pam Buda For Marcus Brothers Fabrics for the outsideand Civil War Ladies By Judie Rothermel For Marcus Brothers for the inside ****** More Pics !!!      Have a great WE !!!

06 juillet 2015

Primitive OOAK Set including a colonial pocket

**** a set of 6 wooden CLOTHESPINS  **** with good old patina wrapped in aged civil era repro fabrics.The clothespins have been stained for a more prim and vintage look****   a set of 6 decorated TAGS  **** **** a little ditty bag / drawstring bag  **** ****** AVAILABLE HERE More pics ...      Happy creative week !!!
05 juillet 2015

A new addiction!!

EDIT July 6th : SOLD, thank you I've sewn this COLONIAL POCKET  from a wonderful reproduction calico fabric.Ladies would have worn this under their skirt to carry sewing and other personals... Happy Sunday my friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Nat  
09 juillet 2013

Christmas in July !

"And in the very toe of each stocking ... was a shining bright penny." Laura Ingalls ****** Many of you have appreciated my first Christmas pouch ... HERE and since then,I have kindly been asked to create an other X-mas pouch pattern ... Your dream has come true my dear stitching friends and today, I am happy to present this lovely pouch ... inspired by a little pioneer girl called Laura Ingalls ****** This pattern is available in my Etsy Shop HERE Happy stitching my dearest friends !!! Thanks for visiting ...
24 novembre 2012

My Merry Christmas Pouch ...

I have always loved those American pouches so I decided it was time for me to create one of my own ... E-Pattern: "Merry Christmas Pouch" available HERE  See all my E-patterns HERE ***** The completed pouch is sold, thanks. If you are interested in this pillow or in any of my previous pillows,    feel free to contact me HERE   Thank you for visiting and come back often!!      Smiles HAVE FUN STITCHING !!!
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