15 août 2015

Pet and Patty ...

For this new pattern, I got inspiration from LAURA's love for animals

        In one of her books, Laura INGALLS wrote:
        "They were beautiful little horses, and Pa said they were not really ponies;
        they were western mustangs.
          When Laura asked what their names were,
          Pa said that she and Mary could name them.
          So Mary named one, Pet, and Laura named the other, Patty."


Pattern available HERE

Completed Pouch SOLD, thank you !!!



23 janvier 2015

Ohio Horses Completed Pillow ...

is my offering of the month 

It is availaible in my Etsy shop


(E-Pattern available too ...)



Have a nice day !!!


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10 juin 2014

Prim Gatherings

My love for the American Prim' Style keeps growing ...

no doubt, I am totally hooked by the prim' style

and I cherished each prim' piece as a precious treasure !!!

This little pillow was inspired to me by a collection of vintage labels:

it is very simple but it would look great in any prim' home !!!

E- Pattern HERE



Have a creative day !!!!