24 avril 2017

Lil' Sunbonnet girl Pouches ...

Sold, thank you


Pouch with Lil' Sunbonnet Blue Version

Height   11 ½ inches x Width 8 ¾

(the pouch is fully lined)

CLICK on the pictures to ENLARGE them !!!



Pouch with Lil' Sunbonnet Rose Version

Measures: Pouch folded

Height 7 ½ inches x Width 6 ½


CLICK on the pictures to ENLARGE them !!!

(on the left, the flap - in the middle, the inside- on the right, the back of the pouch)

P1220272 P1220288 P1220280

 When I saw this lil' sunbonnet

I fell in love with it !!! (Pattern found on the net ...)

Thanks for Visiting !!!

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10 mars 2017

NeW OffeRinGs of the Week ...

Set of the THREE Covered Coat Hangers 

SOLD,thank you !!!


Some sweet treats will be added with the set !!! 


NEW Covered Coat Hanger NUMBER 1 


NEW Covered Coat Hanger NUMBER 2


NEW Covered Coat Hanger NUMBER 3



Set of the TWO Covered Coat Hangers

and a Bag

available HERE


Thanks for visiting !!! Have a great day !!!

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24 février 2017

Spring is coming # 2 ...

RoSeS ForR a RoManTiC BaG ...

New offerings ...


SOLD, Thank You !!!


and a Covered Coat Hanger with a cross stitched initial

SOLD, Thank You !!!


Happy WE my dear friends ...

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16 janvier 2017

"With my needle,

I sew our names to give my mother her honor due".

I created this pattern for an adorable customer (Montine)

who wanted to pay tribute to her dear Mom.


Pattern available (I will personalize the names ONLY, thanks)



SOLD, thank you


 The inside of the "big"pouch / sewing book


A small project with Montine's favorite motif ... a rabbit !!!

and initials ...


 The inside of the small pouch / sewing book

as well as the tiny pillow with a sweet flower


I enjoyed a lot creating this set for this adorable lady ...

Thanks for visiting my friends !!!

02 janvier 2017

Sweet Little Stitching Projects #1

I can't help it but am uncapable of throwing little scraps of linen ...

Here are a few little stitcheries made out of these little scraps ...


Scissors and bird


Baskets and scraps of blue Civil War Repro Fabrics ...


Dogs and Baskets 


Have a creative week !!!

01 août 2015

Sweet treats for all year round ...

I don't like throwing the slightest scrap of my favorite fabrics

so I decided it was time to sort them in different piles...

scraps for tags, scraps for clothespins, scraps for berries of different sizes etc ...

I finally decided to start sewing on a rainy Sunday

and I had a beautiful batch of berries ...

Here they are !!!


SOLD thank you !!!


Have a nice WE !!! Enjoy sewing !!!

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28 juillet 2015

Civil War Hussif Needle Case ...

Definition of a hussif:

 It is  a case containing thread, needles, and other articles for sewing.

They were carried by soldiers in their haversacks during the Civil War,

the housewife or huswife kit was used to store sewing supplies.

These needle cases were made by family members

and given to the men before they went off to war.


I decided to sew one of my own and a few days ago,

I did a few prototypes of various sizes.

All sizes are nice depending on what you want to store in it !!!


The complete Needle Case is sold, thanks.


    Thanks for stopping by !!!

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07 juillet 2015

Covering copybooks # 3

I'm still in love with blue fabrics especially Civil War Fabric reproduction

and I am now in love with copybooks covers

and little notebooks covers !!!


SOLD, thank you !


Enjoy sewing my dear friends !!!

01 juillet 2015

Covering copybooks # 2

using prim' fabrics ...

My love for blue fabrics will never fade away ...


Sold, thank you


Happy sewing !!!

25 juin 2015

Covering copybooks # 1

I have never enough of copybook covers !!! LOL


Sold, thanks !


Sold, thanks !


Sold, thank you


Have a great day !!!

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