23 avril 2015

A token of FrienShip for your birthday

This is a new version of one of my oldest pattern ...

I got inspiration from Laura Ingalls whose best friend was Ida Belle Wright.

I imagine this pouch ... that can be filled with sewing notions, 

vintage buttons, trim or lace etc ....


PATTERN available



I also did this little pillow ... as a sweet treat !!!


Have fun stitching sweet friends !!!

13 avril 2015

The gift is small ...

but love is all

The E-Pattern is available on my ETSY Shop 


(Completed set, SOLD. Thank you !)


The back of both pillows is decorated with a scrap of wool (high quality wool)

as well as vintage weathered MOP buttons

You can store scissors or threads in the small pocket

(Pics 1 and 2)

The last pic features an other set in beige shades

P1130091  P1130093  P1130080


Have a great week my stitching friends !!!

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08 avril 2015

From Me To You

Last WE, I decided to stitch this pattern I designed 3 years ago

but decided to modify my palette

since I do not stitch on raw linen any more ...

This is the result ... mue colors for a very prim style

What do YOU think ?




The "blue" version


The "grège" version


Have fun stitching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Nat


04 avril 2015

Easter Eggs # 1 Mustard shades

I love this fabric and since this set is sold, I will have to

sew one for me !!!lol


HAPPY EASTER my friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More pics !!!

P1080706 P1080712 P1080709

Enjoy sewing !!!

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31 mars 2015

"Laura had never before seen a store ...

where nothing was sold but dry goods."

Little town On the Prairie (Laura Ingalls Wilder)


My new pattern is available



Thanks for visiting !!! Love, Nat

23 mars 2015

The little panties and petticoats ...

were whiter than snow ..."

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie)


PATTERN available here

Completed pillow is still available too here


Happy stitching my friends

16 mars 2015

"Ma gave aunt Eliza a needle-book ...

made of bits of silk and white flannel"

Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House in the Big Woods)

My new pattern is available  HERE

( Completed Roll: Sold, thanks)

Pic 1: Roll "closed"


Pic 2: Let's start to open the roll ... .


Pic 3: The inside of the whole roll ...


Pic 4: The outside of the roll ... I love alphabets and sentences ...


Thanks for visiting ! I hope you enjoyed your visit !!! 

07 mars 2015

"Ma sat on the rocking chair ...

sewing by the light of the lamp on the table."

Laura Ingalls Wilder "Little House in the Big Woods"


My new pattern is available HERE

Completed Pillow : Sold, thanks !


and a second pattern ... for Rabbits and Spring Lovers ...


P1120915  P1120924  P1120887

Happy stitching my dear friends !!!

03 mars 2015

OlDe PriMiTiVe Eggs ...

Happy Easter my friends !!!



P1050417 P1050424 P1050419

Thanks for visiting ... 

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28 février 2015

Easter Stockings

A Jack rabbit, little bunnies and flowers with  tiny rusty bells


Sold, thank you

(a second set is available, mail me if you are interested)


Happy stitching to all of you my dear friends !!!

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