13 décembre 2016

A Prairie Christmas Pillow

Pattern available in the album "CHRISTMAS"

and I also have 2 finished cross stitched pillows



Mail me if you are interested


For more details to order

 please, CLICK HERE



 Happy Stitching my friends !!!

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05 décembre 2016

Christmas bowl Fillers

Here is a set of three little pillows ... fast to stitch

that could be sweet treats for friends or family.


EDIT December 5th 8.00pm: Finished Goodies

will be offered soon !!!


Available in the album "CHRISTMAS"

If you want to buy a pattern or finished goodies




Thank you again my friends for your kindness and support.
Please email me at 
with orders and questions.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Happy Stitching...

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01 décembre 2016

“Aunt Eliza had brought Ma a large red apple stuck full of cloves.

How good it smelled! And it would not spoil,

for so many cloves would keep it sound and sweet.”

Little House in the Big Woods

by Laura Ingalls Wilder

(Completed cross stitched roll sold, thanks)

Pocket closed


Pocket open 


To make your own pomander,

you’ll need about an ounce of cloves

to cover a medium sized apple.

Push the cloves into the apple.

Laura did not describe any decorations

on her mother’s pomander,

but as for me I decided to add a ribbon to hang

it on a doorknob or a cupboard


Enjoy stitching my dear friends !!!


"Laura thought that Jack Frost ...

was a little snowy man wearing a glittering pointed cap

and knee-boots made of deer-skin."


Available in the album "CHRISTMAS"(Laura Ingalls)

If you want to buy a pattern or finished goodies




Completed pillow, SOLD, thank you !


CLICK CLICK to enlarge the pics !!!

P1080482  P1080497  P1080483

Happy stitching my friends !!!

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25 septembre 2016



Hello dear friends,

due to increased taxes on ETSY,

I am considering to sell my patterns

and finished goodies via my blog The Blue Attic. 

You will find ALL MY PATTERNS.

I have created ALBUMS in which 

you will find my patterns as well as the price.

If you are interested in one or several patterns,

please mail me at nmelot@orange.fr

In order to avoid extra taxes from Paypal for you and for me,

please use "Sending money to friends or family" 

via my Paypal address  


Don't forget to give me your email address

so that I can send you the patterns. 

Have a great day, Nat

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25 juin 2016

"Laura and Carrie knew the Declaration by heart"

I got inspiration from Laura Ingalls ...

Carrie and Laura went to town with Pa to celebrate July 4th ...



Happy Stitching my friends !!!

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18 juin 2016

Fourth of July with the Ingalls family

It started, very early, with a BOOM out on the Ingalls homestead.

Carrie asked: "Who is it ? What are they shooting ?"

and Pa replied: "It is fourth of July, Carrie."

Then Pa sang:

"Hurray ! We'll sing the jubilee

Hurray ! The flag that sets men free."

(Laura Ingalls Wilder, "Little Town on the Prairie")



Happy stitching my dear friends !!!

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16 juin 2016

1776 Girl with her Dog

Happy Fourth to all my US friends !


Happy Stitching my friends !!!

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12 juin 2016

We Pledge ...

Happy Fourth to all my US friends !


A new pattern available



Happy Stitching my friends !!!

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03 juin 2016

Sweet Land of Liberty

Sweet Land of Liberty

By The Blue Attic
75 W X 35 h


 Happy stitching sweet friends !!!

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