16 janvier 2017

"With my needle,

I sew our names to give my mother her honor due".

I created this pattern for an adorable customer (Montine)

who wanted to pay tribute to her dear Mom.


Pattern available (I will personalize the names ONLY, thanks)



SOLD, thank you


 The inside of the "big"pouch / sewing book


A small project with Montine's favorite motif ... a rabbit !!!

and initials ...


 The inside of the small pouch / sewing book

as well as the tiny pillow with a sweet flower


I enjoyed a lot creating this set for this adorable lady ...

Thanks for visiting my friends !!!

13 janvier 2017

Little SeWinG ProJectS # 2

I enjoyed so much sewing ditty bags that I have decided to sew some more ...

The most difficult is to choose the various shades from my stash of fabrics ...

It seems I never have enough of fabrics ...ugh ... and always need more fabrics !!!


The set is available HERE





Have a great day my friends ...

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09 janvier 2017


I sew those two little ditty bags yesterday afternoon ...

It could be nice to fill them with heart-shaped cakes,


or little messages

just to say "I love you"


SOLD, thank you !!!


Have a great Monday !!!!

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02 janvier 2017

Sweet Little Stitching Projects #1

I can't help it but am uncapable of throwing little scraps of linen ...

Here are a few little stitcheries made out of these little scraps ...


Scissors and bird


Baskets and scraps of blue Civil War Repro Fabrics ...


Dogs and Baskets 


Have a creative week !!!

31 décembre 2016

HaPPy NeW YeaR 2017 !!!

May this year be filled with LoVe, JoY and HaPPiNeSS !!!


A happy new year 2

Have a great day !!!

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24 décembre 2016


 Merry Christmas to all of you my friends !!!


A bunch of tiny NOEL pillows in the Blue Attic



Enjoy this special day !!!

A bunch of tiny NOEL pillows in the Blue Attic

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23 décembre 2016

Every Christmas is better than the Christmas before

Inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder !!! Merry Christmas my dear friends !!!


Available in the album

Christmas (Laura Ingalls Patterns)

Mail me if you are interested


For more details to order

 please, CLICK HERE


Have a great Day !!! 

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21 décembre 2016

Winter Tyme

Happy Winter my friends !!! This is my favorite season ...


Available in the album

Christmas and Winter Patterns

Mail me if you are interested


For more details to order

 please, CLICK HERE


Have a great Day !!!!

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19 décembre 2016

Little girls always hang up their stockings on Christmas Eve

Inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder


Available in the album "CHRISTMAS"(Laura Ingalls)

Mail me if you are interested


For more details to order

 please, CLICK HERE


Happy Stitching my friends !!!!!!!!!

17 décembre 2016

"Laura and Mary slid the button string ...

... into Carrie's stocking"

Laura Ingalls Wilder

On the Banks of Plum Creek


Sold, thank you


I got inspiration from the button string story ...

I loved both the idea of crocheting a button string using my vintage button

and the fact of sewing a little stocking in which I could put the button string.

Happy Stitching my friends !!!!