20 janvier 2015

My love for blue ...

and precisely for 1800s Reproduction Fabrics keeps growing ... 


Early Blues ... 

Here is my latest pattern available in my Etsy Shop


The finished pillow is available

(contact me)

the little ditty bag is sold ... thank you !!!


Enjoy stitching my friends !!!

Have a great day !!!

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19 janvier 2015

Early Blues ...

I can't help it ... I have an addiction for all those things ...

Primitive ditty bags, 

Clothespin angels

and strawberries ...


And you ? Have you got a special addiction ? 

Have a great day ...

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13 janvier 2015

Valentine's day is coming soon ...

I know many of you like to celebrate this special day

so here is a simple and easy to stitch pattern to celebrate



It is available in my ETSY SHOP



Have fun stitching my friends !!!

01 janvier 2015

HaPPy NeW YeaR ...

I wish you a happy New Year.

May 2015 bring you health, happiness and prosperity !!!

I guess many of you have taken New Year's good resolutions !!!

I have NO New Year's resolutions except ONE ...

I would love to keep my supplies organized 

because this will help me make more time to stitch and sew !!!

*** NEW ***

I have also decided to OFFER FINISHED GOODIES 


The date will be every 21st of the month

Ladies2 (403)

 Picture found HERE

Have fun stitching my dear friends !!!

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Friends gather ... here

An other pattern dedicated to friendship ...

Happy New Year to all my friends !!!


This pattern is available




P1060443  P1060437  P1060442

Thanks for visiting ...

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29 décembre 2014

Winter Tyme

Finally, Winter is here

with its snow and very cold temperatures !!!

I feel so happy !!!


This pattern is available 


My completed cross stitched pillow is available  too

(email me via "Contactez l'auteur" if you are interested)



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12 décembre 2014

A few finished goodies

are available on my Etsy Shop

You can see them all


A little treat will be added to every package 


Set of 2 prim stockings (SOlD, thanks)



Winter in the Big Woods with Laura Ingalls


Winter in the Big Woods


Enjoy stitching my dear friends ...

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05 décembre 2014

"Laura had never seen ...

such a tree."

On the Banks of Plum Creek

by Laura Ingalls

I really enjoyed this chapter in the book.

Three Christmases are described and this is the second one.

 This Christmas is delightfully portrayed.

Laura gets the most beautiful gifts she has ever received (a fur cape !)

Everybody is happy ... 


My NEW pattern is available



Click to enlarge the pics 

P1120145  P1120173  P1120141

Have fun stitching my dear friends !!!

01 décembre 2014

Oh ! Isn't this the nicest Christmas

When Carrie asks her  sister Laura in "These Happy Golden Years" 

“Oh Laura!…Isn’t this the nicest Christmas! Do Christmases get better all the time?”

Laura answers confidently “Yes, …They do.”


This pattern is available in my ETSY Shop

as well as the completed pillow.



Feel free to contact me if you are interested !!!

Thanks for stopping by ! Have a great day !

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30 novembre 2014

Mary and Laura stayed by the fire ...

sewing their nine-patch quilt blocks.


I imagined this pattern while reading this sentence in Laura's book

Little House in the Big Woods

Like Laura and her sisters, as soon as pioneer children could handle a needle,

they were taught to make nine-patch quilt blocks from nine squares of fabric

because they were simple to sew.

A new pattern available


Completed pillow, SOLD, thank you !




  Thank you for visiting and come back often!! 



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