23 mars 2015

The little panties and petticoats ...

were whiter than snow ..." Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie) ***** PATTERN available here Completed pillow is still available too here Happy stitching my friends

16 mars 2015

"Ma gave aunt Eliza a needle-book ...

made of bits of silk and white flannel" Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House in the Big Woods) My new pattern is available  HERE ( Completed Roll: Sold, thanks) Pic 1: Roll "closed" Pic 2: Let's start to open the roll ... . Pic 3: The inside of the whole roll ... Pic 4: The outside of the roll ... I love alphabets and sentences ... Thanks for visiting ! I hope you enjoyed your visit !!! 
07 mars 2015

"Ma sat on the rocking chair ...

sewing by the light of the lamp on the table." Laura Ingalls Wilder "Little House in the Big Woods" ******** My new pattern is available HERE Completed Pillow : Sold, thanks ! and a second pattern ... for Rabbits and Spring Lovers ... HERE      Happy stitching my dear friends !!!
01 décembre 2014

Oh ! Isn't this the nicest Christmas

When Carrie asks her  sister Laura in "These Happy Golden Years"  “Oh Laura!…Isn’t this the nicest Christmas! Do Christmases get better all the time?” Laura answers confidently “Yes, …They do.” ***** This pattern is available in my ETSY Shop as well as the completed pillow. ***** Feel free to contact me if you are interested !!! Thanks for stopping by ! Have a great day !
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30 novembre 2014

Mary and Laura stayed by the fire ...

sewing their nine-patch quilt blocks. ***** I imagined this pattern while reading this sentence in Laura's book Little House in the Big Woods Like Laura and her sisters, as soon as pioneer children could handle a needle, they were taught to make nine-patch quilt blocks from nine squares of fabric because they were simple to sew. A new pattern available HERE Completed pillow, SOLD, thank you ! ******   *****   Thank you for visiting and come back often!!      Smiles HAVE FUN STITCHING... [Lire la suite]
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15 septembre 2014

Squirrels were gathering their winter's store of nuts

"Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls Wilder ***** This pattern is available  HERE The completed pillow is sold, thanks. ***** Thanks for stopping by ! Have a great day !

02 septembre 2014

The only stupid thing with words is ...

the spelling of them Laura Ingalls  ****** I love this quote by Laura Ingalls because I love reading and writing and I am also my DH's proof reader so this sentence is very special to me ... I think that I will work thoroughly on this theme ... spelling bee, slate work ... I don't know for the moment ... ***** This new pattern is available in my ETSY SHOP HERE Thanks for visiting my friends !!!
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14 juin 2014

Laura wished Pa could pick the largest star ...

... from the thread on which it hung from the sky and give it to her." Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie ********* Maybe some of you will stitch this pattern to pay tribute to their father since it is about  a father and his daughter. My father was in my mind while stitching this design ... he passed away 11 years ago ... ********* A NEW PATTERN by THE BLUE ATTIC available HERE Happy Stitching my dear friends !!!
05 juin 2014

The true way to live ...

is to enjoy every moment as it passes Laura INGALLS ****** This is my latest pattern ...and it is available HERE Thanks for visiting !!!
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22 mai 2014

Birth Day ...

Grace Pearl Ingalls was born on May 23rd 1877 She was Charles and Caroline's fourth daughter. She had golden hair like Mary and large violet eyes ... ****** A new pattern available HERE Happy stitching my friends !!!