01 décembre 2016

"Laura thought that Jack Frost ...

was a little snowy man wearing a glittering pointed cap and knee-boots made of deer-skin." ***** Available in the album "CHRISTMAS"(Laura Ingalls) If you want to buy a pattern or finished goodies CLICK AND READ  HERE ******** Completed pillow, SOLD, thank you ! CLICK CLICK to enlarge the pics !!!      Happy stitching my friends !!!

18 mai 2016

Spookendyke loved to tumble Rose off over his head

Rose Wilder, Laura's daughter was given a donkey -Spookendyke- by her parents and Spookendyke was particularlaly stubborn !!!lol Poor Rose ! she hated him !!! LOL ****** Available in the album "Laura Ingalls" (The completed pillow is sold, thanks) Enjoy stitching my dear friends !!!
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15 février 2016

"Laura loved ...

the churning and the baking days best of all the week." Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder ***** You have the choice between 2 versions !!! 1st version HERE (The completed pillows are sold, thanks)) 2nd version HERE (The completed pillow is sold, thanks) Happy Stitching my friends !!!
01 février 2016

Love is in the air ...

Here is a simple and fast to stitch pattern  I called it "Pa and Ma". Laura called her parents "Pa and Ma" because at that time children did not call their parents "Dad and Mom". I imagined this pattern to celebrate Caroline and Charles Ingalls's love ... and also to celebrate Valentine's day ! ***** E-Pattern available HERE Thanks for visiting !!!
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18 janvier 2016

"Tea is a man's drink

in cold weather, Pa told Ma." By The Shores of Silver Lake Laura Ingalls *********** My NEW pattern is avalailable  HERE Enjoy stitching my friends !!!
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21 décembre 2015

Santa always come to good little girls

That's what Ma said to Grace because the little girl was anxious that Santa could not come because of bad weather conditions. ***** This pattern is available HERE ***** Feel free to contact me if you are interested !!! Thanks for stopping by ! Have a great day !
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05 octobre 2015

"Acorns were falling from the oaks

and Laura and Mary made acorn cups and saucers for the playhouses." Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder ***** This pattern is available HERE***** (The completed pillow is sold, thanks) Thanks for stopping by ! Enjoy stitching !!!
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19 juillet 2015

Ma's inventory pillow

Laundry inventory pillows were used in colonial time. A straight pin was affixed to the appropriate number beside each item sent for washing. After the items were cleaned, the pillow and pins helped to make sure everything was accounted for.  ****** I decided to create a laundry pillow in relation with Laura Ingalls's wardrobe . Pattern available HERE Enjoy stitching my friends !!!
02 juin 2015

Prairie Bonnets

It had been a long time since I wanted to sew prairie bonnets but ... I could not figure out the patterns I had bought !  I told my sweet friend Lecia and she was kind enough to give me a few tips ... ******* EDIT: Set Bonnet + Pillow RESERVED (An other set will soon be available HERE) ******* I decided to create a little pillow to hang with my sunbonnets  E-Pattern available  HERE    Love my pine chest too !!! Happy Stitching my friends !!!
31 mars 2015

"Laura had never before seen a store ...

where nothing was sold but dry goods." Little town On the Prairie (Laura Ingalls Wilder) ***** My new pattern is available HERE Thanks for visiting !!! Love, Nat