30 septembre 2014

"Ma churned for a long time.

Mary could sometimes churn while

Ma rested but the dash was too heavy for Laura."

Little House in the Big Woods

Laura Ingalls Wilder


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P1080374   P1080370   P1080375

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18 septembre 2014

Charlotte the rag doll ...

In her book, "Little House in the Big Woods",

Laura tells her readers about a special Christmas ...

the one when she was given a rag doll ... and she named her Charlotte !


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15 septembre 2014

Squirrels were gathering their winter's store of nuts

"Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls Wilder


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The completed pillow is sold, thanks.



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02 septembre 2014

The only stupid thing with words is ...

the spelling of them

Laura Ingalls 


I love this quote by Laura Ingalls because I love reading and writing

and I am also my DH's proof reader so this sentence is very special to me ...

I think that I will work thoroughly on this theme ...

spelling bee, slate work ... I don't know for the moment ...


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01 septembre 2014

Mary liked to sit and read ...

Once again I got inspiration from Laura Ingalls's books ...

I read this sentence in "On the banks of Plum Creek"

and I got the idea of creating

a big pouch to store the slate that the 2 young sisters were sharing

as well as a little pouch to store  flat pillows representing animals and one syllable words such

as those you can read in the Mac Guffey's First eclectic Reader.

I also add a copybook cover with a cross stitched tag .. even if copybooks were not common at that time ...


Sold, thank you !

Copybook Cover + cross stitched tag and Big Pouch


More pics

 P1080740 P1080850 P1080854

ABC Pouch and its little flatties "Slate Work"


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