09 juillet 2013

Christmas in July !

"And in the very toe of each stocking ... was a shining bright penny."

Laura Ingalls


Many of you have appreciated my first Christmas pouch ...


and since then,I have kindly been asked to create an other X-mas pouch pattern ...

Your dream has come true my dear stitching friends and today,

I am happy to present this lovely pouch ...

inspired by a little pioneer girl called Laura Ingalls


This pattern is available in my Etsy Shop



Happy stitching my dearest friends !!! Thanks for visiting ...

03 juillet 2013

When two fond hearts as one unite ...

the yoke is easy and the burden light


This pattern is dedicated to my dear hubby ...

On July 4th, we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary 

Love is in the air ! 


This pattern is available HERE

The complete pocket roll is SOLD, thanks !



   P1060341   P1060331   P1060322

Thanks for visiting !

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02 juillet 2013

Freedom 1776

this completed cross stitched pillow is available on my ETSY Shop



Thanks for stopping by ...

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