FLEA MARKET: I am decluttering !!!

In this album you will find many vintage things such as Civil War Era buttons, Vintage lace, Vintage buttons, vintage notions, Vintage spools etc and also CW era Fabrics of high quality.

Vintage French coins with a hole You will get a lot of 10 PICT2761 SP 1: Set of 3 French wooden bobbin spool. Vintage bobbin haberdashery 1900'. Antique haberdashery accessories. Storage ribbon. French haberdashery WNC 1: Set of 2 wooden needlecases with vintage needles for sewing machines OOAK FWS 1: Set of 5 Antique French Wooden spindles  VINTAGE BUTTONS (you will receive ALL the buttons featured on the pic !) TO 1: Lot of TWO TOWELS (red) Antique molds (6) Lufkin Measuring Tapes 30 US $ TO 2: Lot of TWO TOWELS (blue) TO 3: ONE TOWEL (red) POCHOIR ancien / Vintage Stencil CORBEILLE en fil de fer rouillé H 33 cm X Diamètre 30 cm  Ten vintage/antique bone rings (Beige card) Lovely old card of antique bone rings RED card