Here are very varied finished goodies !!
Decorated tags, Prairie Bonnets, Small and tiny pillows just to say thank you, etc ...

Contact me for combined shipping !!!
For "FLAT PACKAGES", (BEWARE: packages must be less than 1.18 inches thick !!!)
the French post office offers one rate called
A TRACKING NUMBER is available

***** For "THICK PACKAGES" (more than 1.18 inches) the French Post Office
offers one expensive rate called
* COLIS INTERNATIONAL and the rate is for 500g approx US $30.00

RESERVED for Montine , thanks Set of 2 Bags with crocheted doilies and yoyos RESERVED (Montine), thank you  NEW SET OF TWO Covered Coat Hanger + ONE BAG High quality fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop NEW LOT 3: Set of 3 berries FRANCE only SOLD, Thank You LOT 2: Set of 5 berries SET of 10 Decorated tags hand stamped with a covered button that can be used for crafting Ditty bag n°1 1 Ditty Bag N°2 1 Ditty Bag N°3 Ditty Bags N°4 SET OF TWO (Green Shades) OOAK BIJOUX DE SAPIN:XXL BAG made with vintage material Measures approx: 34 in X 24 1/4 in =87 cm X 61,5 cm Dust Cover OOAK SET Of 1 Prairie Bonnet + 1 big Ditty Bag + 1 Tiny Bag  PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N° 8  PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N° 7  PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N°6  PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N° 5  PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N° 4 PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N° 9 BROWN PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N° 3 PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N° 2 PRIMITIVE PraiRie BoNNeT N° 1 LOT 1: ONE Ditty Bag with bunnies (3 available) IMeasures approx. 25 cm or 10 inches long X 28 cm or 11 inches high.