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01 février 2016

Love is in the air ...

Here is a simple and fast to stitch pattern 

I called it "Pa and Ma".

Laura called her parents "Pa and Ma" because at that time

children did not call their parents "Dad and Mom".

I imagined this pattern to celebrate Caroline and Charles Ingalls's love ...

and also to celebrate Valentine's day !


E-Pattern available



Thanks for visiting !!!

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25 janvier 2016

And they lived happily ever after ...

Just to celebrate L*O*V*E ...

Here is a fast to stitch pattern 




And just to use some scraps of linen, I did those little ones ...


Happy Stitching my dear friends !!!

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18 janvier 2016

"Tea is a man's drink

in cold weather, Pa told Ma."

By The Shores of Silver Lake

Laura Ingalls


My NEW pattern is avalailable 



Enjoy stitching my friends !!!

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09 janvier 2016

Laura and her pantry ...

As inspiration for this new set of patterns I am using the adorable scene of Laura Ingalls Wilder

discovering and admiring the pantry that Almanzo made her in their new home

(as described in "These Happy Golden Years"). 


Set of patterns available



Click to enlarge !!! 

P1150519 P1150538 P1150542

Laura returned to the front room.

She took up Ma's basket, and opened the last door.

She knew it must be the pantry door,

but she stood in surprise and then in delight, looking at the pantry.

All one wall was covered with shelves and drawers,

and a broad shelf was under a large window at the pantry's far end....


Happy Stitching my friends !!!


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01 janvier 2016

Happy New Year 2016

*****H*A*P*P*Y *****N*E*W****Y*E*A*R*****

Wishing you all the best for the year 2016

 health, happiness ...and joyful days

I also want to say" THANK YOU" to all my friends and customers because

you have both inspired me and encouraged me in creating designs.

I am looking forward for another fabulous year ...

B*E*S*T    W*I*S*H*E*S

A happy new year 1

Happy Stitching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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21 décembre 2015

Santa always come to good little girls

That's what Ma said to Grace because the little girl was anxious that

Santa could not come because of bad weather conditions.


This pattern is available HERE



Feel free to contact me if you are interested !!!

Thanks for stopping by ! Have a great day !

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09 décembre 2015

“Every Christmas is better than the Christmas before…"

As Laura matures, she concludes in On the Shores of Silver Lake that

 “Every Christmas is better than the Christmas before…

I guess it must be because I am growing up.” 


E-Pattern available



Happy stitching my friends !!!

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01 décembre 2015

"Lavish strings of white popcorn

were looped all over the tree"

Laura Ingalls Wilder 

On the Banks of Plum Creek


A New Pattern available

You will have the possibility to sew a pillow or a pouch !

Enjoy !!!



I also stitched a pouch version ... I love pouches so much !



Happy Stitching my friends !!!

21 novembre 2015

Oh ! Isn't this the nicest Christmas ?


a Laura Ingalls's quote 

E-PATTERN available


Picture and Pillows stitched by a talented lady (Susan Hoover)

Oh isn't this the nicest Christmas stitched by Susan Hoover

Have a great WE !!! Happy Stitching my dear friends !!!

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15 novembre 2015

"Laura thought that Jack Frost ...

was a little snowy man wearing a glittering pointed cap

and knee-boots made of deer-skin."


A new pattern available


Completed pillow, SOLD, thank you !


CLICK CLICK to enlarge the pics !!!

P1080482  P1080497  P1080483

Happy stitching my friends !!!

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